Regan Russell
My name is Regan Russell, I'm a _ year old developer from Phoenix, AZ.

I've been programming and designing for over _ years. Ever since learning basic programming skills in middle school I've been enamored with computers and software development. At the age of 14 I began working as a freelance IT technician and web developer in the Phoenix area for over 4 years. I'm now pursuing my BSc. Computer Science with a concentration in Information Assurance at Arizona State University.

I've developed Android applications that have garnered over 25,000 combined purchases (as of Q4, 2015). I'm currently developing a commercial software solution for web/iOS/Android that is expected to launch late 2016-early 2017, details to be announced. I've also been heavily involved in video game modding communities, producing popular mods enjoyed by thousands of players.

I'm particularly interested in mobile and embedded development, as well as security and computer graphics. I'm always reading, studying, researching, and looking for any and all opportunities to learn something new every day.

Software Engineer
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Spotify Overlay - OpenVR overlay implemented as third-party Spotify client. C++/Qt
UE4FO - GameBryo .ESM to UE4 .T3D parser. Python
kopengi - Cross-platform 3D OpenGL game engine. C++
Pip-Boy 3000 LWP - Android application, over 25,000 purchases. Java
YouTube-DL - Simple script to download YouTube videos. Python
FPAndroid - Android app, parses forum HTML into native Android UI. Java/HTML/CSS3
Modbox - Virtual Reality sandbox game for the HTC Vive / SteamVR. C#/Unity